The Association of REALTORS® School has partnered with OnCourse Learning to offer Real Estate Pre-License courses online. Prior to taking the Pennsylvania Real Estate Licensing Examination, all candidates must have completed four credits or 60 hours of real estate instruction in Real Estate Fundamentals (30 hours) and Real Estate Practice (30 hours). These classes can be completed online to satisfy these credit requirements.

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Individuals who register for an online course are allotted 180 days to complete the course from the day they register. While all the course content is provided online, state law does require that students take the final exam for the courses in a physical location with a proctor. This can be completed at the Association of REALTORS® School in Malvern or a location closer to you.

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For more information on pre-licensing education and the requirements for obtaining a real estate license, please contact Gail Parke at or call 610-560-4900.


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