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2020 REALTOR Membership Dues

Annually, Suburban West Realtor® members are invoiced for their Realtor® membership. Notice regarding the upcoming dues amount, and respective deadlines is posted on this page and communicated directly to members via direct email and the Suburban West Weekly.

For the 23rd consecutive year, Suburban West has not increased its local dues. The organization continues to provide the most benefits for your dues dollar while helping you contain your expenses.

The current total for the 2020 Primary REALTOR® membership dues is $506, which covers the Suburban West, Pennsylvania and National Association of REALTORS®. Additionally, there is a voluntary RPAC contribution included with a suggested amount. The breakdown of fees is as follows:

  • Suburban West – $171
  • Pennsylvania Association of REALTORS® – $150
  • National Association of REALTORS® – $185 (includes required $35 National Image Campaign assessment)
  • Voluntary RPAC Contribution – $40

The amount above reflects the Cycle 2 amount through December 31, 2019.  If a Primary REALTOR® member chooses to remit their dues at a later date, please note the following Cycle options and deadlines:

  • Cycle 3 (1/1/20 – 1/31/20) – $541

Dues notification was sent to all members exclusively via email on October 1st and subsequent notices have and will continue to be sent via email.  As with any membership dues payment, any and all payments are non-refundable and non-transferrable.

Payment Options – Pay in Full or Via Installment

Primary REALTOR® members will once again have the opportunity to opt to pay their dues on October 1st in full OR choose to pay via installments through the website. Primary REALTORS who are considering their dues options for 2020, should note the following:

  • The Installment Plan will be an available payment option between November and December.
  • If initializing the Installment Plan in November there would be 3 equal installments and if initializing the plan in December there would be 2 equal installments. There is no installment option come January.
  • The Installment Plan can only be initialized via a credit card/debit card because of the automatic debit requirement.
  • You will be able to initialize the Installment Plan as an option when you go online to pay your dues.
  • The first payment is processed right away. The additional dues payments (equal amount) are processed on or around December 14 and January 14.
  • An additional $5 service charge is added to each dues installment payment.

For more details on the dues options and fees, please CLICK HERE to access a helpful chart.

Requirements for Maintaining REALTOR Membership

Once an individual has become a REALTOR® with Suburban West REALTORS® Association, they are eligible to receive all benefits and services associated with membership in the local, state and national Associations.

However, there are requirements that an individual must continue to meet in order to maintain their REALTOR® membership:

  • Licensure – A member must continue to maintain an active Real Estate license in Pennsylvania or a state contiguous to. If your license becomes inactive, escrowed, or placed with a referral company, your membership is required to be cancelled.
  • Affiliation – A member must affiliate their license with a Designated REALTOR® of an office who belongs to the Suburban West REALTORS® Association. If the Designated REALTOR® does not belong to Suburban West, either he/she has to opt to join the organization or the member must consider joining the local organization to which the Designated REALTOR® already belongs.
  • Dues – A member must remit the annual membership payment to Suburban West for their local, state and national dues. If a member fails to remit payment and is still actively licensed in a primary REALTOR® office, then the Association is required to bill the broker/manager for the licensee as a non-member.
  • Education – A member must complete all Association education requirements (NOTE: these are separate from education requirements for licensure). This includes completing Suburban West’s Membership Renewal Training requirement every two years (current deadline is December 31, 2016) and the National Association of REALTORS® Quadrennial Code of Ethics requirement every four years (current deadline is December 31, 2016).

Questions on membership renewal? Please contact Suburban West Bookkeeper, Cathy DiMarco, or call the Association office at 610-560-4800.


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