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Bright MLS was created from a desire to be the change that real estate professionals demand. Now serving an area that stretches from central Pennsylvania through Maryland to Northern Virginia back up through Delaware and the Philadelphia metropolitan area, Bright is the largest MLS in the United States, It provides subscribers with access to listing information for a larger geographic area, modern, easy-to-use systems and apps to serve your clients and run your business, and a comprehensive ecosystem of robust property information and analytics.

Latest Updates

April 4th Release Notes

Pets allowed Y/N now available on Residential Sale. Pets Allowed and all of the subsequent pet information is now available for Residential Sale properties. This allows both Residential Sale and Residential Lease properties with pet restrictions the ability to present those specific restrictions. Please note: While Pets Y/N is not a required field, Pets Restrictions will be required if Pets: Yes is chosen.

The following changes were made to Listing Management:

  • Open House date on the full edit form in Listing Management was corrected to adjust for Daylight Savings Time. This will resolve the issue where a subscriber enters an Open House in one time and sees the wrong time on the full edit form.
  • Issue with incorrect Open House times displayed on iOS Mobile has been fixed.
  • Rooms display order for the given level was corrected.
  • Cecil County Realtors who have Sentrilock accounts now have their Sentrilock accounts linked in Bright MLS so they can see the activity directly from Listing Management.
  • Listing Agent image, if available, will be displayed in lookups next to their name and office information.
  • Office names with single quote in the name can now be searched.
  • Subscribers with the ability to edit permissions now see all users in a brokerage on the permissions home page.

Property Sketches now available as full-page PDFs. Sketches in Bright are now available in a full-page .PDF format, making them easy to read. Learn more here.

Updates to Public Records:

  • The Residential property type in Arlington, Virginia is now populating correctly.
  • Dauphin County parcels now display the Document Number which aligns to the county’s Instrument #.
  • A unit number field is now available in the Owner Mailing Address.

The following fixes were made to the Financial Calculators:

  • The town of Chesapeake Beach in Calvert County, Maryland no longer throws an error when attempting to create a Buyer Closing Cost or Seller Net Sheet.
  • The transfer tax was rounding to .63% for the county of Dorchester, Maryland. We corrected the rounding and it will now correctly display as .625%.
  • When autofilling a Buyer Closing Cost or Seller Net Sheet, we will now set the school district based on the listing or parcel.
  • When clicking on the Buyer Closing Cost or Seller Net Sheet icon from a listing or parcel in Washington DC, an error should no longer appear.
  • On the Seller Net Sheet, when the browser was zoomed in over 120%, this caused the drop-downs not to function. We updated the page to allow drop-downs to work when zoomed in.

Results Statistics available for CMA reports. A Results Statistics report is now added as an available report option for CMA reports.

Results Statistics

Appraiser Parcel One-Page display added to Search. An Appraiser Parcel One-Page display is now available from any listing search. It is also available to print as a report and access from a Public Records search. Learn more here.

Appraiser Parcel One Page

Other updates to Search and reports:

  • Public Records Search now includes fields for Directional Suffix in addition to Street Directional Prefix.
  • Previously, the Heating Type option Heat Pump-Electric BackUp was not appearing in Agent Full or Client Full. This option is now appearing when an Agent Full or Client Full display/report is selected.
  • Previously, an Open House Access Type of Appointment Required was not appearing on Open House reports. This has been corrected and now displays accordingly.

Change or update your login name. We are now offering the option to change your login name in Bright. This option is available in Account & Settings under Contact Information. Learn more here.

More easily access the new Knowledgebase. The new mobile-compatible Knowledgebase is now available from the Support menu via the same Search Help Topics link. Learn more about this new system here.

March 27th Listing Search Update – By popular demand, the following search control changes were made to the Residential Search defaults last night.  Users will now be able to bring back Condo and HOA listings (independently) in a single result set by using the And/Or/Not controls.  Previously, searching by both HOA and Condo would only bring back listings that were both Condos and subject to HOA agreements.  These are exceedingly rare and do not fit consumer needs for a comprehensive list of properties that offer such services and amenities.

New Infographic! Days on Market – The Lifecycle of a Listing

Previous Updates

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Bright MLS provides ongoing training, both in-person and through online resources.

Even if you are fairly comfortable with the new system, changes will be ongoing, and even the smallest change can be uncomfortable or difficult to navigate. Your active participation and feedback will help ensure you can use Bright MLS to your best advantage. We ask that you please:

* Read your Bright emails.
* Attend training classes either in person or online.
* Take the actions requested in a timely manner.
* Look carefully at your listing data in Bright and share any discrepancies you find.
* Search the Online Help topics, watch videos, and take advantage of available resources.


Bright’s Support Center works with members to address problems that you may encounter within the system. Members can contact Bright Support 7 days a week via:

Go to brightmls.com for more information.