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Bright MLS was created from a desire to be the change that real estate professionals demand. Now serving an area that stretches from central Pennsylvania through Maryland to Northern Virginia back up through Delaware and the Philadelphia metropolitan area, Bright is the largest MLS in the United States, It provides subscribers with access to listing information for a larger geographic area, modern, easy-to-use systems and apps to serve your clients and run your business, and a comprehensive ecosystem of robust property information and analytics.

Latest Updates

May 23rd: Release Notes

  • Changes to Residential Lease property type, and other updates to Listing Management. As part of our ongoing work to improve Residential Lease data, changes were made to this property type in Listing Management and updated accordingly in Search and displays. View the complete list of changes here. In addition to these changes, the following updates were made to Listing Management
    • If you enter an extra space in the Street Name field, the system will automatically remove the space. Please note: for listings that are populated from the Tax record or copied from an existing listing, any formatting errors will only be corrected if the Street Name is edited.
    • In all agent fields, the system will display the Agent’s Preferred First Name and Last Name instead of the Agent’s Contact Name.
    • If a published listing is edited and the Expiration Date is in the past, subscribers will be required to update the Expiration Date to a date in the future or change the status to Canceled, and then enter the Listing Agreement Cancel Date in order the publish the listing.
    • If a published listing is edited and the Expiration Date is within the next 7 days, subscribers will be reminded that the listing will expire within the next 7 days unless they update the Expiration Date.
  • Updates to Financial Calculators:
    • The Total Proration Fields has been added to the Seller Net Sheet. This field represents the total amount of taxes that is being prorated and will illustrate the total amount for the time period shown. It will also fill the prorated amount in if subscribers enter this total field and the dates that the taxes cover.
    • The Prorations on the Seller Net Sheet will now calculate correctly for Washington, D.C. They were previously taking the Annual Tax amount and applying that to the 6 months tax schedule.
    • The calendar option on the Buyer Closing Cost and Seller Net Sheet will now offer a check on proration dates. Here’s how it will work:
      • When entering the From Date in the proration section, the calendar option that pops up will allow any date to be entered as long as it is before or the same as settlement date.
      • When entering the To Date in the proration section, the calendar option that pops up should allow any date to be entered, as long as it is after or the same as settlement date.
      • The From and To dates cannot be the same.
  • Synopsis Report is now available, and other updates to Search and Reports. 
    • Both Agent and Client Synopsis reports are now available in an HTML or PDF report format for Residential Sale. The PDF version also displays page numbers. Watch this video to learn more.
    • CMA reports were updated to display List Price, Closed Price (instead of Sold Price), and Concessions Amount on all pages.
    • In the Client Portal, My Hit Counters now register/track in addition to Active, Coming Soon, Active Under Contract, and Pending Listings.
    • The Client Portal Display now shows all fields and sections from the Client Full Display for all property types.
    • We’ve replaced the mobile phone icon with an updated Homesnap Pro icon that will enable you in one click to send a text with a link to view the listing on your smartphone. View this article to learn more.
    • When a client adds a note on a closed listing, the most recent Portal activity email that the agent receives now provides a link to view the listing on their mobile device. This mobile view of the closed listing will also include the Close Date and Concession Amt fields.

New Infographic! Days on Market – The Lifecycle of a Listing

Previous Updates

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Bright MLS provides ongoing training, both in-person and through online resources.

Even if you are fairly comfortable with the new system, changes will be ongoing, and even the smallest change can be uncomfortable or difficult to navigate. Your active participation and feedback will help ensure you can use Bright MLS to your best advantage. We ask that you please:

* Read your Bright emails.
* Attend training classes either in person or online.
* Take the actions requested in a timely manner.
* Look carefully at your listing data in Bright and share any discrepancies you find.
* Search the Online Help topics, watch videos, and take advantage of available resources.


Bright’s Support Center works with members to address problems that you may encounter within the system. Members can contact Bright Support 7 days a week via:

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